I have enjoyed not having a Smart Phone or even a cell phone

not having a cell phone can be inconvenient...
having a cell phone or a smart phone brings out a compulsion in many of us that can be very annoying

I have intentionally been without a cell phone for a good number of months
it may be time for me to get re-connected
but... there is a lesson... I have learned this lesson
I plan to live this lesson

we do not need to check our emails incessantly
we do not need to be glancing at our devices each and every time we have what appears to be a free second

playing with our kids should be playing with out kids... take the phone off your hip and get in the game

dinner with friends should be with the friends you are with... not the people who are not there

get real... live in real time

there was a time when people awkwardly looked at the numbers above the elevator doors in an effort to ignore the other passengers in the box
now everyone stares at their smart phones
as if that email can not wait until they get into their office
people still stare at their smart phones... even if the lose service inside the elevator
anything is better than interacting with those around us

this of course extends to driving...
okay drivers! get a clue
check your emails before you leave the house
then... when you get to work... get back to things
if it is really so vital... pull over and "read and respond" or make that call
there would be less traffic if people were focusing on the task at hand

and parents...
teach your children
guide your children
this is the next generation of drivers
the best rule... PUT THE CELL PHONE OR SMART PHONE in your pack or bag and have that bag out of reach... there is this technology called VOICE MAIL!
it is not that important that you need to take your focus off the task at hand

if it rings... let it ring
view an incoming call as a suggestion not a command
do not be a slave to the device

people would drive more efficiently if they focused on the task at hand
people would drive more safely if they focused on the task at hand
and as far as them trying to multi-task
well... the email or the phone call is only getting partial attention anyway
and we know that the variable around the driver are getting less than partial attention

MOMA has a new iPhone AP

somewhat unrelated image found here


Blue-eyed Devil said...

And this relates to Bettie Page how (other than the obvious prurience)? Did I miss something here? ;-)

gwadzilla said...

you missed nothing...

my proclivity to prurience is how I play

gwadzilla said...

this is amusing


"like riding a bike"