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Madonna of the Trail on the WIKI Page

The Madonna of the Trail

Madonna... she is not looking so good
she is looking a little old
she is looking a little weathered
I think Madonna could use a little help

well... at least The Madonna of the Trails in Bethesda

the other day I took a social spin with a friend in town from Vienna
Vienna Austria... not Vienna Virginia
we each got on one of my single speeds and rode a high cadence spin from downtown dc to downtown bethesda
in our quest for that perfect burger we slowed and paid homage to The Madonna of the Trails
a less than little known memorial that is hidden in downtown Bethesda Maryland
one of 12 sculptures that mark the national trail to commemorate the contribution of women pioneers

as a fourth grader at Our Lady of Lourdes I teamed up with Kevin Fitzpatrick and wrote a report about The Madonna of the Trails
this was a pre-internet world
we wrote letters asking for information about the statues
I have no recollection of how the project went
all I remember is the fact that there are 12 of these marking the pioneer's cross country passage

the list of states can be found on that WIKI Page link
I can not recall which 6 states I focused on and which 6 states Kevin focused on
yet I do remember when we did our volcano project
I provided the plaster of paris volcano and kevin provided the fireworks
yes... fireworks... kevin was a bit of a mischievous pyromaniac

it is a beautiful statue that is aging fast
it surprises me that there is not some Bethesda Historical Society working to give Madonna a face lift
I did not get close enough to get a shot to show the quickly eroding statue
take my word for it... she is not looking show room new

looking at the Jamis Exile Single Speed there makes me realize I how lucky I am that frame failed when it did
had that frame cracked and buckled underneath me in traffic
well... there is a great chance I would not be here blogging right now

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Michael said...

I thought that statue looked familiar. I go by one of her sisters every workday on the other side of the country in Upland.