I never knew him... I will never know him

Neil Michael Godleski is dead at 31

this saddens me
and I did not even know him

may Neil's family and friends one day find peace in the loss of this young man who they surely loved

as far as the gunman... it saddens me that this world does not always deliver justice...
if there is an afterlife... maybe they will get theirs then

better yet... let there be peace and happiness delivered to the person who shot Neil
then let this person find someone that they love... then get married
land a good job and buy a house
have children and raise those children... love those children

let their be years of joy and prosperity

then when that child has left home maybe someone will shoot them
then maybe they will understand the impact of their actions

but no... that would not be fair to their child

if only Neil's mother could close her eyes and hold them tight only to open them to find it was all just a bad dream
a really really bad dream

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