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the other day my boys were involved in a local bike race at Wakefield Regional Park, The JBOMB
this event was hosted by Trails for Youth
the group formally known as Trips for Kids
it was a good time the boys
it was a good time for dad

time well spent

it gave me great pleasure to see my boys enjoy their afternoon riding their bikes on dirt trails as well as getting to see them test their personal limits and approach their fears by racing their bikes against other children

it was a solid effort by both boys
nine year old Dean placed second in his age group
while six year old Grant finished at the back of the pack
after getting off the podium Dean mentioned to me that it does not hard seem too hard for a girl to get on the podium

it was true
there were only two girls in the TEN AND UNDER category
they placed first and second in their field
I am not sure how they placed over all

it was difficult to explain...

the simple short answer... not as many girls are into bikes as boys
not as many girls are into bike racing as boys
that seemed good enough to Dean

then Dean repeated his statement about it being easy for the girls to get on the podium
in this situation Dean was completely correct
he was not asking why... he was just making a statement of fact

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Emily said...

It's a sad truth - but I'm actually hoping to have a women's clinic / rides this fall, and trying to promote it more with younger girls is a really good idea! We need more pink bikes :-)

gwadzilla said...

DCMTB works to support women in the sport with both DCCX and the DCMTB Cyclocross Clinics