not every ride is blogged about... not every ride is documented with the camera

it is funny... I once heard it said...

"if you go for a ride and did not blog about it... did that ride really happen?"

hearing that made me laugh
thinking about that phrase again... makes me laugh again
well... not laugh... but respond as if it contains humor

laughing inside not outside
laughing inside... where it counts

laughing is saved for the moments where I witness the misfortune of others
like witnessing a fender bender caused by a woman putting on make up or a man checking out a girl
or seeing someone slipping on the ice... if it is a business man and his brief case opens... BONUS!
it is only funny if no one gets hurt... there is something funny about it
like the football the the groin
it is true... it is funny on so many levels

there is a weirdness to that absurd statement

"if you go for a ride and did not blog about it... did that ride really happen?"

a weirdness because I feel what is being said
some of it is that fact that I like to blog about rides so that I can relive the ride
so that I can appreciate the ride
so I will be driven to ride again

it does make the ride more valid... to me
I blog about it for me
so that I can relive it
so I can experience it and grow from it
not just as it happened
but at a later point in time

today I went for a ride
it was a solid ride... but nothing special
it was just a quick out and back
a vigorous spin... a good ride... nothing near race pace
nothing into the pain threshold
hard to push things when riding alone with no carrot to chase

it was a good ride
nothing that was obviously slow
the fact that all cyclists I encountered were going the other way acted to allow me to think that I was moving fast
no one humbled me
no one took me to school

there was not a time in the ride where my Pee Wee Herman-esque fantasy was broken up by a rider passing silently on my left
so my fantasy of being fast remained

at one point I joked to myself as I saw a butterfly flying to my side
not exactly a winged migration moment where a bird coasts at my side at speed
then lands on the water or strikes a fish in the water
something a little less intense
luckily I was not going slow enough for that butterfly to move at my side and pan along side of me with the background moving behind it

the out and back was good
it almost did not happen

I left out to get on the bike
when I went to put the pedals on I tried the washers I rode out to Frager's to get the other day
ah... another ride that was not blogged about
but it was documented
those images to come

I traced the FSA washer that is used on the pedal so that the soft metal of the crank is not damaged
the journey may be the destination
but the 7 dollar option at City Bikes may have been a better deal than the 2 times 33 cents and the 2 times 90 cents washers I got at Frager's
I felt that they were not large enough in the center... but for my two dollar purchase the man in the Frager's apron was not able to give me the correct advice
the traced image gave me hesitation
but the man was not able to present anything alternate

oh well...
I pulled some pedals off another bike
and rode the Specialized Tri Cross with riser bars
in the old black and red DCMTB Kit
oddly enough the kid with City Bikes
I should wear the White and Red DCMTB Kit with The Family Bike Shop
yet only having one pair of shorts that matches the top gives me hesitation
as I do not want to wear out my only pair of shorts
it will be a year before I can order another pair of shorts
yes... I should have ordered a pair of shorts
well... I ordered some bib shorts... which they did not have
I would have gotten angry
but it turns out I mistakenly requested a XXL Skin Suit
well... that did not come either
had that come... well... I would have been freaked out
it would have been a useless purchase
as the skin suit is far from my style and even further from my necessity
didn't I just mention that my cyclocross bike has riser bars

I rode yesterday too
rode with my boys

the weather was cool and they left out to ride with me without any argument

we did a short loop around the neighborhood
but a solid loop for a six and a nine year old boy

through Mount Pleasant on the streets then onto the sidewalk along side of Sixteenth Street
down the hill then up the hill towards Carter Baron
Grant had to stop several times to rest his legs and refuel... he is six... but I am me... so I worked him and pushed the pace

normally we would turn down through Carter Baron
but the Legg Mason Tenis Tournament was going on and I feared that there would be too much car traffic on our swooping downhill
so... we pressed on further
turning into the Rock Creek Golf Course

the boys did not let it rip like I thought they would on the downhills
in fact... they were each heavy on the brakes and a bit cautious

we rode up to the clubhouse and drank our waters as we watched the golfers do their golf thing
not sure how... but I managed to escape without spending any money
the smell of hot dogs did not infect Grant's brain fooling him to believe that he is hungry and that he MUST have a hot dog

we then rode home
meandering on the flat then marching up pushing the bikes on foot in the woods rather than riding the bikes up Porter-Klingle
Grant had enough climbing and put in a request to short cut on foot rather than take the long climb
luckily for Dean we had already done a hill climb together while Grant chill-laxed with his water bottle at the base of our up and down of one of the Rock Creek winding climbs

at home the bikes went back in the garage and I laughed that I did the whole ride with my camera around my neck and not even one picture was snapped
could it be?
did I instinctively take a photo that I can not recall?

well... words but no images
now off to bed
give this a glance in the morning

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