ouch... this is not entirely uncommon

this morning I took a short spin before heading into work

yes... work... no I did not find a job
taking some hours at my old job
I have been taking intermittent hours at my old job
while still trying to find a JOB

it is thankless...
less money... no benefits... no 401K
but in these times... we do what we do
this may be a new economy
this may be part of "the new way"

so... I am on my bike
not feeling particularly spry
perhaps I started off too hard
maybe I was spacing out

either way... I was on the Capital Crescent Trail after looping off from heading north on Beach Drive when it happened
a bug into the helmet...

the bug in the helmet is not entirely uncommon
usually a bee... sometimes a beetle... always worth investigating

rather than pulling over I took the hands off the bar and rolled forward no hands in the upright position
I removed the helmet from my head and glanced down into the empty helmet
there it was... the black and yellow stripes of a hornet

rather than fly away and roam free
that hornet decided to sting me

through the full finger glove I felt it
then I stopped and removed the glove
a passing walker inquired to whether or not I was okay
his sincere concern made me feel better about the state of the world

the Hornet unlike the bee can sting multiple times
the bee leaves its stinger and sometimes its intestines... usually dying
the hornet flies away to sting another day
this hornet stung one... successfully through the glove
I could already feel the venom doing its deed

with no stinger in my hand I tried to see if I could suck out any venom
I rode no handed and did what may have been an empty effort
I sucked and I spat... ew... not like that
there was slight swelling... but the pain has since subsided

in my youth... I loved the Mickey's Big Mouth with its unusual cap
that unusual cap that almost often caused spillage
that volatile malt liquor that was an acquired taste that gave more buzz for the buck and usually gave a hang over

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