Pittsburgh Pride!

Pittsburgh Pride!

have you ever been to Pittsburgh?

well... it you have ever been to Pittsburgh you must have witnessed the Pittsburgh Pride
it is there... it is everywhere

people from Pittsburgh love Pittsburgh

when fall starts and people need to bundle up in scarves and hats
the Pittsburgh pride becomes more visible
the people wear their pride not only on their shirt sleeves
but on their heads and around their necks
it is true... Pittsburgh natives bleed BLACK AND GOLD
and honestly... it is more than the one on the thumb
it is pride for more than just a football team
but the football team is a big part of it

the marketing team has gone beyond the terrible towel
the Steeler's gear goes beyond black and gold

there are all sorts of cute girlie shirts in girlie colors
there are pink hats and pink scarves with the Steeler's logo

something more fashionable than the standard wool cap

check out that guy's tattoos
you may need the staff of Urban Velo to explain what is going on there
there are some different images that are very much Pittsburgh

my wife is from Pittsburgh
in our many years of marriage I have grown to make Pittsburgh a part of me

one of my favorite parts of Pittsburgh is Kennywood Amusement Park

my boys love Kennywood!

Gwadzilla Mention of Kennywood

also part of our Pittsburgh visits we try to include a visit to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum
gwadzilla mention of the Children's museum


there is more... much much more

more museum and more sport teams

there are places to eat and places to shop

I LOVE PITTSBURGH... well... I love to visit Pittsburgh

I wonder...
I wonder what the statistics are for Steeler's garb per person in Pittsburgh
I bet you could not walk for thirty minutes in downtown Pittsburgh without seeing at least one person with some sort of Pittsburgh Steeler's gear on

me... I have a Mean Joe Green jersey

I had to buy it
after buying it... I finally had appropriate attire for Pittsburgh weddings, funerals, and family reunions!
oh... I also have my Dirt Rag jersey... that to smells of Pittsburgh Pride...
it smells of Pittsburgh Pride and fall
mountain bike rides!

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