the process of street photography... I have developed my own style and my own approach

I have been taking photos for years
my approach may vary

some shots are taken on foot
other shots are taken on the move while on the bike

some shots are taken without any communication with the subject
other shots are taken while making contact with the subject

my style and approach have developed over the years
so has my comfort and confidence

over the years I have a had a wide variety of responses
a very wide variety of responses
most of them positive
a few angry... a few aggressive... and a number were curious to the point of paranoia

sadly... it is best to take the shot without asking
in this town... people often say no before you ask the question

reading an old post from a random blog
Tim Connor's Blog... I do not know who Tim Connor is

Tim is blogging about the work of Mark Cohen
that image of the two girls is by Mark Cohen

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