racer down... I do not know the specifics

at Sunday's mountain bike race at Schaeffer Farms there was a tragedy
a racer on the course had a heart attack
a number of racers did what they could to try and get medical assistance and to issue CPR
to no avail

I do not know the specifics
the racer died that day

I did not know this man
yet I am certain that there are people... friends and family who are greatly saddened
I have no words to lessen their sadness or their pain
all I know is that it is important for me to appreciate my friends... appreciate my family... and appreciate my life

life is too short
sometimes life gets cut shorter
love and luck to the friends and family of this fallen racer
love and luck to all


missing man formation

I now know his name... Cecil Funkhouser
RIP... Ride In Peace Cecil... Ride In Peace

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ohwell999 said...

I know him and his family very well. His namexis Cecil Funkhouser. I know him because I have worked next to him for almost 25 years. He was like my brother. You can't ask for someone better at being helpful, sarcastic, being able to fix almost anything, laid back, family man rolled into one person. He will be missed by his mom and dad and 2 brothers wife and 3 kids as well as multiple coworkers and friends.
Sincerely. Brian Mieras