Support Your Local Bike Shop!

Support Your Local Bike Shop!

find a shop you like
find a shop you trust
find a shop you can depend on
support that shop

there are a number of good shops in this town

right now my bikes are out of order
my bikes are out of order and I have a frame that may be under warranty
this week I need to head out to The Family Bike Shop
yes... The Family Bike Shop is the team sponsor for DCMTB
so there is a certain matter of "the hook up" or in adult terms... a discount
but in the end
I go there because I know that they will give me work that I can trust

I still think I should have listened to Jonathan better when I asked him for advice on unicycles... may have gotten Dean a wheel size too big

as parents we always fear our kids are going to outgrown their sneakers over night
so we step up a size
sometimes the kids end up wearing flippers

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MTBR: and this is why LBS' lose money to websites



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