I always forget...
play the lottery because cool stuff does not come cheap

EP Climbing Walls
cools stuff...

my boys would love this
but not sure I could justify the price
while I am confident that I can not afford this stuff

climbing is so expensive... some people climb without gear!

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Meghan said...

Yes, some folks climb without gear, where clothing is without a doubt a type of gear in today's society of high tech clothing chock full of helpful features and hefty price tags (price tags that may also be useful as a type of gear-- wedge that plastic tag in a crack and hang from it-- anything that can withstand 10,000 years in a landfill can certainly be used as a safety device, too). My one question is, doesn't the obviously protruding rack also count as gear? You can't tell me that it can't and won't be used to wedge into appropriately sized cracks and/or create additional friction when placed onto ledges (no matter how uncomfortable), making this woman merely a poser of a free soloist (or boulderer as the case may be).

As for the assertion that CLIMBING is expensive, $2,500 will buy everything an aspiring climber could ever need for the next 20 years and beyond, including the ability to look "old school" at the tail end of that span, while terrifying the new generation of climbers, forced out of politeness to hang from said 20-year-old "geezer" gear, while 1,500 feet up ten pitches of granite with the geezer leading the way. Try THAT budget with even a modest cycling fetish...!