accountability... we need to be accountable

we need to be accountable for our behavior

sadly... so many of us live under the ethic of "no cop... no stop"
that goes for people on foot, on bike, or in their car
no... this does not mean that we run every Stop Sign
but... we do behave differently when there is a police officer in our shadow
and people definitely change their driving styles when they are in an area where they know there are speeding cameras

there are some things that change behavior
what else could we do to change behavior?

maybe we need to "police ourselves"
or better yet... for those with children... we can put the kids on task
Backseat Bingo is a good idea
but how about a more simple check list with a more obvious motivator... money
kids need and want money... we want the streets to be more safe
sounds like a fair exchange... but how... but what?

I have seen some families try to reduce foul language by having each member of the family having to put a quarter in a jar each time that they use a cuss word
this same sort of program could be applied to driving

the children could play BACKSEAT POLICE OFFICER
issuing verbal tickets for each violation

DID NOT LET THE CAR WARM UP FOR 30 seconds $ .25
Failure to Yield to Pedestrian $ 1.00
Close passing a Cyclist $1.00

then it could continue...

Excessive Speeding... $ 2.00 for each MPH over ten miles per hour over the speed limit
Failure to make a complete stop at the stop line $ 1.00
Illegal TURN ON RED when the arrow is red or there is a NO TURN ON RED sign $ .50
taking on the cell phone
$ 2.00
checking emails
$ 2.00
playing a game on their smart phone
$ 2.00

I may propose this to the SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL coordinator at my kids' school
the way that parents drive at drop off and pick up in inexcusable

what are some other good ways to try and change behavior?
this would work well to change behavior while also educating the parents who are driving and the future drivers who are currently passengers

Neighborhood Pace Car is a good idea...

Backseat Bingo is another good idea... my idea... and the "pace car" was an idea I had... that others had as well

the CAR COMMUTER CHALLENGE would be a great way for car drivers to learn of their ineffective driving styles

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