what is the cyclist's relationships to businesses in DC?
does WABA have a relationship with the area businesses?
what is the line of contact?

cyclists are consumers...
just as car drivers are consumers...

I think it would benefit businesses to embrace the bicycling consumer

WABA could create a relationship where storefronts have a sticker that reads
WABA BIKE FRIENDLY BUSINESS or something to that effect

then there could be coupons for WABA members like Living Social or Group Ons where cyclists have a week of discounts at that bike friendly business
starting in September there could be discounts focused on holiday shopping

businesses that feel that they have a decent bicycle clientele should have ample bicycle parking near by

it is easier to shop on a bicycle than in a car
much easier to go from store to store
yes... it is tough to carry the larger items
but the small stuff... no worries
and no money in the meter

I know that certain bicycle shops give a discount to WABA and MORE members
but... where is this information?
who else gives discounts to WABA members?


check out the NEW AND IMPROVED WABA site


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