the creative commuter...

not everyone can live "car free"
but... everyone can drive less
everyone can be less oil dependent
all people need to do is be more creative in their commuting

there are far too many drivers who are the only passenger in their car
when dealing with Miles Per Gallon
there is also a factor of MPG per Person
this can be a valuable measure

when driving my kids to school... we have three people in the car
which is rational... then we get creative
I try to bring the bikes with us three days a week
the boys ride three or four blocks to school
then after school... instead of picking them up in the car
I ride my bike and we ride home together

that is creative commuting... it is not always an option
but when this option is available to me... I try to make it happen
I think that this is a model that more families should attempt

picking up slugs... carpooling... whatever...
these are all some good options for those of us that MUST drive
for many of us... driving is a must
but for others
there can be a slew of other options

the short distance drivers could walk or ride a bike
then of course... there is public transit

public transit is a great option
metro bus and metro rail are good options for all sorts of people in the DC Metropolitan area
these public transit options often include some walking and for others some biking
to make their commute more healthy
those that walk or ride their bike to the bus or the subway could extend their walk an additional bus stop or two
the same would go for the bike

last spring my older son's teacher decided that she wanted to try to live car free
at that point she did not own a bike
so... I had email communication with her and her boyfriend trying to guide her to a rational bicycle purchase
there was hesitation on their end in making the purchase

then... after hosting a Bike Swap at my kid's school I had a few bikes left over
including a very cool Dutch Bike... the perfect bike for my son's teacher

well... she has started riding... but she has not started commuting to work on the bike
there is a hill from downtown up to Cleveland Park

she would have to walk the bike... which would be fine
that is still forward momentum

I proposed an alternate route that was a slightly longer distance
but would approach up a hill that is not as steep
again... she has refused to try it
lastly... I have presented another creative commuter option

she could load her bike on the Metro Bus on the way to work
and then ride her bicycle home
that is a good option
again... she has refused to try it

there are so many creative commuter options
they are not necessarily easy
getting in the car and driving seems to be the default setting for us in this modern age
but really
we could do well to get more creative

everyone should try to be more creative
maybe CAR POOL a few times a week
maybe walk a few times a week
maybe ride a bike a few times a week

decrease the car dependency
decrease the fuel consumption

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