cross results... cyclocross racers like to crunch the numbers

I like to look at the numbers
I like to crunch the numbers
I like to play with the numbers

it is fun to look at the tale of the tape
it can play into all sorts of comparisons
there is some measure to it
then there is some fantasy

when I look at the numbers there is always a visual image in my head
a reality and a fantasy
all displayed in the numbers
the resuts and the actual times
lap times can really add in some recollection

at the Granny Gear 24 Hour races I would always play with my numbers... compare the times... fastest lap... lap times night versus day.... the average time
then take the average time and make that a four man team
factor where that imaginary person would fall in a hypothetical overall

this can be done with any or all multi lap races
or series held on the same course
then also that same course on different years

I have not toyed with the technology
it amuses me... I need to dig around
CROSS RESULTS... CROSSRESULTS DOT COM "we wrangle the data so you don't have to"
this is a fun one
there is a ranking of teams in the MABRA Series

links to photos from Ed Sanders

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