DCMTB and the DCCX Cross Clinics at Fort Reno Park

DCMTB hosts four cyclocross clinics open to the cycling public in NW Washington DC at Fort Reno Park

Fort Reno Park is many things to many people...
Fort Reno Park hosts the summer concert series
Fort Reno Park is a place where people walk their dogs
Fort Reno Park is a place for kids' soccer games and kids' soccer practices
Fort Reno Park is a place for picnics and pick up games
and over the past few years
Fort Reno Park has become a place for cyclocrossers in the District to practice their cyclocross techniques

DCMTB is a cycling team that has always had multiple focuses
in addition to riding and racing bicycles DCMTB has always been concerned with contributing to the community
for years members of the DCMTB squad has volunteered at a wide range of cycling events

DCMTB members lead rides on Bike to Work Day
DCMTB members wrench at Bike DC
DCMTB members fit helmets and teach kids to ride at bike rodeos
DCMTB members are involved in trail work on local mountain bike trails
of course... DCMTB members host DCCX a cyclocross race at the Armed Forces Retirement Home
and then also DCMTB members host DCCX Cyclocross Clinics at Fort Reno

over the years these clinics have grown with the popularity of the sport
what was once a small gathering involving a few friends of the team
itself has grown into something more
an opportunity for anyone to come out and practice
members of other clubs are welcome to practice along side of us
allowing not just competition but also camaraderie

these clinics work not only to build stronger cyclists but to also to increase the cycling community as a whole
to enrich the cycling experience in Washington DC

each week of this four week cyclocross clinic series there is a different instructor
there may be an overlap in instruction
but... sometimes things need to be said more than once to stick
and well... we can all use more practice

the first three clinics have come and gone
each week was met with a good number of success

a good number of people have shown up each week
there are absolute beginners working out along side of veteran racers

it is valuable to the racers to have a place to practice
as much as it is valuable to the racers to have someone instruct them on the subtleties of the cyclocross techniques
the volunteer coaches each bring something different to the table

I am proud to be a member of the DCMTB squad
and it pleases me to be a contributing member of the DC cycling community
it feels good to give back to the sport that gives so much to me
as well as feeling good about sharing the sport with others who may not have gotten involved had it not been for these clinics and our race

week two Joe Foley took some photos at the clinic



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