funny... these were supposed to be stickers


there are a few things that are consistently in the forefront of my children's brains
that would be Legos and Star Wars
and of course Lego Star Wars
be that Lego Star Wars Legos or Lego Star Wars Wii

it is good

last night my younger son Grant came to me with a print out
the print out was for some cut out stickers
somehow Grant had envisioned that we could make little characters out of these images along with some cotton balls

well... at the Folk-life Festival on the National Mall we made some fish with some paper... a stapler... and some cotton balls
the process was fresh in our minds

it was a quick little task that involved some team work
really... more father than son
although the son's assistance was requisite

it worked out nicely
although the print out was intended or stickers
these little guys turned out into nice little characters!


Folklife Festival

The National Mall

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