I still do not have a bakfiet... I want a bakfiet

Bakfiet?... Box Bike?...
call it what you will
... I want one

that is not my dog... that is not my bike
that is my buddy Adam's dog Lucy riding in Adam's box bike
a bicycle that he fabricated after a trip to Holland

I think that my dog would do well for me to have one of these
I think my kids would do well for me to have one of these
I think I would do well to have one of these
not to carry my kids... but to carry soccer balls, snacks, and other such things on short around town trips that are now taken in the car but could be taken by bike
trips to the grocery store that occur in the car could be moved to the bike

Adam is currently involved in making a new box bike so that he can carry his son Theo in it
I look forward to seeing the new bike with its improvements

Adam chopped two bikes in half and welded them together
creating a box bike on a budget
I did not believe it until I saw it

then... riding it... well
riding this bike was a unique pleasure
riding this bike increased my want of this bike

there has been an offer to assist in building a box bike for me
but there has been some hesitation
the hesitation has related to braking power

Adam lives on Capital Hill where it is moderately flat
call me paranoid... but I would want ample braking power
the brakes on that bike were hardly strong enough to stop the original bike
I would be worried that these brakes would not be able to slow or stop the big rig
especially if that box were holding some weight

this bike is somewhat "hodgepodge"
I think that I would like to follow the basic design of the taller wheel in the back and a smaller wheel in the front
29er in the back and 26er in the front
only I am not sure if I have a 29er frame to sacrifice for the project
I do have the Jamis Exile... but I am going to seek a warranty replacement

the box bike on a budget is a great concept
I would love to see box bikes flooding the city

small landscaping businesses... small maid-cleaning businesses... contractors...
think of it...
not all jobs need "the white van"
not all jobs need a pick up truck

tools can be carried
and lumber and supplies can be delivered

if you are a painter or a house cleaner
all you need could be carried on the bike

it would be great if there was a program that worked to get this sort of budget box bike on the streets
currently... very few people know that this sort of thing is an option
if they saw it... maybe they would understand its potential


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