I would love to see a program... "if you want a bike you got a bike"

in Taiwan
a man steals a bike for his daughter so she can ride to school
he is caught
then the police buy him a bicycle because they discover that he is so poor

not everyone has the resources to get on Craig's List or Freecycle
yard sales?
not everyone is driving through suburbia on weekends

I would love to see a IF YOU WANT A BIKE... YOU GOT A BIKE program
so many people would be on bicycles if they were given the opportunity to have a bicycle and to try utilitarian cycling

imagine... so many people who are public transit users could be utilitarian cyclists

the Bike Swap I held last spring was an intention to get unused bicycles out of people's basements and garages and out on the streets
it focused more on kid's bikes
but this sort of Bike Swap-Bike Exchange is a model that could work on so many levels


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