it is true... I know nothing about this

yesterday I met a woman on the bike...

we talked as we rode
our conversation went from topic to topic
there was the basic friendly stuff... then I had to follow the binary code that is within me
I cornered her with the East Coast Question, "what do you do?"
she said she was involved in work trying to reduce-prevent human trafficking

it all seemed very interesting...
I as not entirely sure if I knew what "human trafficking" encompassed
immediately I thought about Southeast Asia and prostitution
young girls sold into virtual slavery
she told me that human trafficking went beyond that

she shared with me information on a topic I know nothing about
she recommended a documentary film

here is the trailer on YOUTUBE
on the WIKI page and available on NETFLIX

in our short conversation I tried to avoid talking too much about something I know nothing about
in our short conversation I tried not to take a stand that would anger or enrage this friendly stranger
I asked for more information admitting that I was uninformed
she recommended this site
The Polaris Project


there were a few points I tried to present
-this is said to be the oldest industry
-not all people in the sex trade are there against their free will
(trying to use the liberation of the Circus Side Show Freaks as an example of people trying to stop the exploitation of people when they really broke up a community and took jobs away from people)
-solve the problem by legalizing it

I will see if I can catch that film and read more on The Polaris Project

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