jim has some choice words about yesterday's race

The Unholy Rouleur has some words about Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event

yesterday in the Men's Master 35+ race a racer crashed
I am not sure of the severity of the injury
he was conscious but immobile
there was talk about an injury to his neck or spine

thinking good thoughts
sending well wishes to the downed rider

we are out there to have fun
it saddens me to hear that there could be such a disaster on the course

I am not sure of the specifics
if anyone knows more... please share

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ryand said...

cross posted from jim's blog:

the fallen rider was andres correal. in his words:

"trip to the ER, cat scan, all is fine, just in a kneck brace and sore as all hell."

so no broken neck, thankfully. a really great dude. i will send him a link to this post.