more trucks and vans... the ice cream truck has morphed

Red Hook Lobster Pound on the streets of DC
Red Hook Lobster Pound on FACEBOOK
Red Hook Lobster Pound on Twitter

Red Hook Lobster Pound... the line is saying something
I should have taken a photo of the long line
personally... I have a hard time waiting in that long of a line
and well...
I also have a hard time spending 15 bucks on lunch
especially if that 15 bucks is for carryout on the sidewalk
I had a whole lobster for 25 bucks the other day... and that included a cup of butter... two glorious sides... and a waiter with an attitude

I do want to try the Red Hook Lobster Pound... but I will have to catch it with a shorter line and more money in my pocket

City Paper


fatbob29r said...

I know you're not a tv guy, there's a network for foodies called "cook" network... take the good stuff from the old days of "food" network and add some cool new stuff. They've been talking about the boom of the modified "taco truck". You can find your favorite streetn food on wheels, subscribe to their tweet, and run and catch them @ lunch. Interesting that so many brick and mortar joints fail, and this new street food gig is gangbusters. Some are even eco friendly and run on their own used vegie oil....

gwadzilla said...

I like TV
I try not to get attached to shows
I binge

MAD MEN and 30 Rock are some current favorites

I will watch some Hoarders or American Pickers

there is much TV in my life
too much TV

I dig the trucks

I have not tried the Korean Beef Tacos from the truck yet!