a shortage of bicycle parking...

this is not a tough one to sort out

there has always been a shortage of bicycle parking
there are more bikes traversing the city then ever
we need to increase the bicycle parking facilities


then... work places should start accomodating commuters other than car drivers
the EPA, the World Bank, The State Department... I have heard that these places meet some of the needs of the runners, walkers, and cyclists who need to freshen up before work
but what about other work places

all work places should have changing rooms and showers!

but back to bike parking

you do the math...
there was a shortage of bicycle parking before
there are more bicycle now
which means... we need more bicycle parking

without wasting the money to do a survey make it happen!

each and every school needs more bicycle parking

how about more bicycle parking out front of each and every gym


answer the requests of the people
I am certain that the people could send in requests for places that are in need of more bicycle parking

then in an effort to BUILD A BETTER MOUSE TRAP!
we need to make bicycle racks that work
each rack post should lock a minimum of 2 bikes

*unrelated trivia
have you ever used the rear service entrance to 555 13th
back when they first started sending deliveries in through the alley entrances they were putting in the bike racks
now... I do not know if the same racks are there
but for a long time they were too close to the wall
why? well... when I was making a delivery they asked to use my Cannondale SM600 to measure the distance
they used the small 24 inch rear wheel for the measurement
which of course made it way too close for the standard 700c wheel

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