so I have been noticing more electric bikes around town... saw this one in Mount Peasant

that looks to be an electric bike
they are so sleek
they are so stealth
it is hard to tell the electric from the standard bicycle

that is a nice advantage to the cyclist with the battery and the motor
I know I have been passed more than once shocked at the speed at which the other cyclist passed me with such a subtle pedal cadence
only to search the bike for what appeared to be a battery pack and motor

I am not sure who is carrying the widest variety of Electronic Bicycles in the area

but I have been meaning to stop by and check out THE GREEN COMMUTER in Takoma Park


not everyone is training for a race
some people just want to ride their bicycle to work
so... the 16 mile commute each way...
well... I can see where the electronic assist would become an asset
but not on the bike path

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Kevin at Utah eBikes said...

But not on the bike path? My experience so far is that people on ebikes do not usually travel faster than other cyclists (well, maybe up the hills) and are not any less responsible. I actually think ebikes make it more likely that a cyclist will come to a stop at stop signs or slow for pedestrians on the path, since it is easier to accelerate again than on a regular bike. Yes, I'm totally biased since I own and sell ebikes! But try one out on the bike path before brushing them aside :)