there is something magical about these animals...

it is undeniable...
there is something magical about the dolphin

when seen from the shore... people respond
on the beaches crowds of people drop what the are doing and direct their attention to the dolphins in the distance
the topic of conversations change
books are put down
the camera lenses move from small children to the fins cresting the waves in the distance
people young and old look on in awe

to catch a glimpse of the dolphin's fin brings about emotion and curiosity
people are drawn to the dolphin
if the dolphin jumps and leaves the water it is a special treat

when in a boat and the dolphin swims in the boat's wake the people on the boat feels a bond
as if the dolphin is playing with them
as if the dolphin wants to connect with them

on sight people want to make contact with the dolphins
they want to interact with the dolphins

I have run along the shore and watched as the dolphin has watched me
and of course... I have tried to jump in the water to try and make contact

I have never grown tired of the dolphins
never have I witnessed a person shrug their shoulders and say... oh... it is just a dolphin

there is a simple goodness to the dolphin
this defenseless animal needs to be protected

PSA : My Friend Is...

and then this documentary about the hunting of dolphins in Japan



Jim said...

Meh. Dolphins are hooligans. From what I've read, they hunt in packs and are devastating predators, murder porpoises for fun, and have 'coercive sex' with each other just to make a point. Don't get sucked in by the whole charismatic megafauna thing!

gwadzilla said...


I think it would be hard to say what the motivation of another animal may be

not sure if dolphins do something to make a point

whenever people talk about the evils of other animals
all I can think
nothing compares to the evils of man