Wednesday is CAR FREE DAY

today... Wednesday is CAR FREE DAY in Metro DC

f you can not go CAR-FREE
maybe you can go CAR-LITE
we will be going CAR-LITE

as I try to do as often as I can...
we will be dropping the boys off at school with the bikes
we park a few blocks away from school
the kids ride in and I walk a few blocks behind

then in the afternoon I ride my bike to the kid's school and we ride home together
some days we ride a three loop home
other days we take a more direct route that may be something like a mile and a half
CAR FREE may not be an option for everyone but CAR LITE is definite possible for everyone


Blue-eyed Devil said...

What, no mention of Capital Bikeshare?

You're slippin', man... ;)

gwadzilla said...

scroll down



Blue-eyed Devil said...

Well, yes, but in relation to this post.

FYI, Bliss planning is underway.

Be there this year...