bike road rage

it is tough to live like Gandhi...
I will not claim to live with such a calm heart

passive resistance on the bike does not always work
give the car driver an inch... they will run over your foot

there are times when a person needs to stand their ground
or in this case RIDE THEIR GROUND

I have spat on more than one windshield in my life
more than one car driver has been flipped off by me
heck... I have spat on nuns and priests for their obnoxious driving behavior
run me off the road?
it is hard to "turn the other cheek!"
you threaten my life... I do not care how blue your hair is
you get a piece of my mind


this does not mean to ride aggressively
this does not mean to flip off drivers or to spit on close passing cars
by all means... keep your U-LOCK in your pack... I do not believe in U-LOCK JUSTICE
but... by all means... take the lane and hold your space
all the while knowing when to get out of the way of an insane car driver

SUBMISSIVE CYCLING is riding too far to the right
giving the car the chance to pass within the lane
ducking to the side when you should stay in the road
yes... by all means... facilitate flow... help cars to pass when logical
but think for them... make it more safe for you and make it logical for them

too often I ride to the right.. a line of cars pass.. they get stuck at the light ahead
then what? do they leave a path to the right clear?
of course not

this guy cracked
I have cracked
I sympathize with him

my over reaction can sometimes be a piling up of incidents
that 100th close passing car gets the anger and frustration that has built up from so many cars passing obnoxiously fast and obnoxiously close

just like crossing the street
when I ride my bike and a car behaves a certain way around me
I can not help but think... how would this car drive around my kids when they are riding their bikes
well... I know
I ride with my kids... we are tailgated... we are passed fast and close... we are honked at to clear the way



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