control the car chaos

control the car chaos...

there are more cars than bikes
which means... there are more cars breaking the law then bikes breaking the law
then of course... the dangers of cars breaking the law outweigh the dangers of the bicycle breaking the law

over the years the car driver has pushed the parameters of what they believe to be acceptable "bending" of the law
it is my contention... that the cars are bending the laws to a loose and sloppy level that is dangerous and unnecessary
time to bring in the reins
scroll back to an acceptable driving style

yes... there should be laws about bicycle behavior
but really
control the car chaos
enforce the driving laws
the car culture is out of control

if we could just get cars to reduce the excessive speed... especially in areas with pedestrians and cyclists
then also... get cars to make complete STOPS AT STOP LINES
at that point giving more than a glance and a pause... but actually yield to pedestrians and cyclists
it sounds funny... but if we could just cars to obey the laws and drive in a respectful sensible manner... well... the streets would be a more safe more civil place

someone gets "buzzed" by a bike
yet they accept that cars bully their way around the world

things need to change
things are changing
the car drivers need to evolve


there is talk about "what to do about the e-bike and the law?"
I bet next spring we see a serious spike in e-bike purchases

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