The Sunshine House... and SUNSHINE HOUSE T-SHIRTS!

The Sunshine House
on Cordell Avenue in downtown Bethesda there was a little old farm house surrounded by more modern boxy buildings
the building was an awkward yellowish orange color
there was all sorts of wax on the sidewalk
it seemed as if there was something dangerous about what was going on in that little old house

Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye were employees during one incarnation or another

I was just a kid... it was local with all sort of local energy
the Sunshine House t-shirts were part of the local cool kids' uniform
a uniform that I did not wear
this was the era of Logan Earth Skis and Fiberflex boards... or get mocked if your mom bought you a NASH board... all I had were hand me downs
there may have been a minute where I had a homemade deck that my sister threw my way
never was I cool enough to have anything more than a Finnegan and Roberts sticker on a plywood board... never an F&R deck... just the sticker on a homemade deck

this moment was just a step beyond people making their own skateboards with roller skate wheels!
again... the 70's were so close to the 50's!

eventually... change happened
the boards got wider and things started to change
that old Sunshine House building was torn down and the shop moved up the block into the Triangle Towers... the same building as WHFS
right across from the PSYCHEDELI

this was the next wave of skateboarding
some people never stopped
but there was a resurgence in the sport
a number of my friends in high school worked at this new location
so... I spent a fair amount of time there
borrowing the Madrid longboard and using their tools to modify my various decks

Sunshine House T-Shirts are being reprinted!
or... if you are in OC stop by Chauncy's Surf Shop

some great random posts that may evoke memories of a long since past era

and this
Sunshine House Surf Shop on FACEBOOK


Mike said...

there is a great psyche delly fan page on facebook. great memories of the past. a friend on mine's dad owned it and my father did a lot of parenting there along w/ the mcdonald's raw bar.



gwadzilla said...

I was too young for the psychedeli
it was on my radar... but I do not think it was all ages

my dad was at work
which is not much better

over achieving employee
at the expense of his family