this is sad... but when the police lose one of their own... they fight back

Indiana police officer hit and killed while riding his bicycle off duty

I have always felt that the bicycle police officers did not travel in such a way that they really experienced cycling as the bicycle commuter or as the endurance cyclist experience it

when a police officer meanders slowly about the city
on the street moving slowly
then on the sidewalk with no destination in mind
it is very different then a person out on a training ride
or someone hustling to get to work

I always thought that police officers would do well to travel in plain clothes
moving the city trying to get to a destination in a certain amount of time
showing them the disregard that cars give he cyclist
teaching them the perspective of the cyclist

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mark bandy said...

1244 Hit & runs? Holy Sh!*
It is always a big difference in a hit on a pedestrian and a cyclist. Always seems like "the cyclist must have been doing something wrong to get hit", but when it is a pedestrian, "it is a terrible tragedy". I don't get the difference.