Halloween Season... lots of build up

lots of build up

all sorts of build up
then it is gone...
much like most holidays
much like most parties

Halloween is a big holiday to the kids

I enjoy it as well... but not to the level of my boys
interestingly enough

Halloween may not be as big of a deal to my boys this year as in years past
there was a time when Halloween was not just a day... it was
Halloween Season
a season that started at the beginning of September

during Halloween Season there was all sorts of build up and preparation
costumes were not a one night thing

costumes were an everyday thing
which was great... that eased the pain of a 45 dollar costume

to my pleasure and my frustration
this year we were able to move away from the store bought costumes
the boys each came up with ideas and we developed them
sure Grant had the urge to purchase the Commander Cody Deluxe costume... but I fought his efforts

luckily... the Bobba Fett jet pack that I made out of a camelback... some tape... and some plastic soda bottles was enough to inspire him to create his own costume
much better than store bough
I am not a fan of the mask blocking the child's face
in fact... I like the costume to be more than a costume... but apparel that inspires some sort of role play

Grant got into his role of bounty hunter Bobba Fett

and Dean...
Dean created his own super hero CLIMBING MAN
who was going to have a "G" on his chest for Gwadz

which of course would have people calling this unknown masked superhero with such climbing ability THE GECKO
but... after the creation of the cap by cutting the sleeves off a black trench coat and attaching ropes, a some caribeaners to the interior I figured things were good enough
no need for the "G"

also interesting...

years prior the boys were more enthused by the Halloween set ups at people's lawns
while this year they were all about the candy

our boys teamed up with some neighbors and sprinted our trick or treating route
fast and efficient with the requisite TRICK OR TREAT and THANK YOU

today I need to throw away a few of our moldy pumpkins

it was an excellent Halloween Season

pumpkins were carved
hay was played with in our urban back yard
and trick or treating brought in some serious loot that I am enjoying eating all of

yes... I was Ang.... THE AVATAR
ran into some other AVATAR characters... they were nice... but not from my world

too bad I am displaying the wrong side of my "glider"

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