Scrapping for Apple!

this is sick...
Hound-dog has all sorts of footage like this
footage of him and his people going for it
skateboarding... mountain biking... whatever
music and messenger work
you name it... they went for it and went for it hard

YOUTUBE video of Wakefield Mountain Bike Race in 1993

footage of Sambo... Micro... Bells... and The High Noonan
great moment captured in time by "the dog"

those guys all scrapped for Apple Courier
making enough money to pay the rent, stock the fridge, and keep the wheels rolling
skateboard wheels... bicycle wheels... and whatever wheels took them road tripping!

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mark said...

Man I got to bookmark this one.

Not sure if you added in the rock fights we used to have on jones bridge road. Those were great too! Some have the scars to prove it!

Gwadzilla blog rulez!