apparently... this is an issue that divides not only cars and bikes but people

Resistance Mounts over Vancouver Bike Lanes

apparently the opinions about the movement towards more bike lanes is not only an issue\action that meets objection in the States but also elsewhere in the world... even in Canada

first... remember this
if car drivers were obeying the laws and knew how to
drive when encountering a cyclist.... well... there would be no need for any modification of the roads to make them more safe

then also...

(we will see what comes out of my head and hits the screen as my fingers slap the keyboard)

the city is not for cars... the city is for people
not just for people in cars... but for all people
the city is for people on foot and for people on bikes as well as people in cars
yet somehow the car culture fails to see this
the car culture bullies any and all around them
and apparently... not just on the streets but also in the board rooms where city planning takes place...

until now

honestly... the planners around the world have thought CAR CAR CAR long enough

it is not that city planners have all gone crazy for the bicycle

I feel that is it is an enlightened perspective where the planners are starting to think more about pe
and it is about time
it is well over due that we prioritized cars and started to prioritize people

bike lanes... bike routes... bike paths... bike tracks

these things are not just good for cyclists

these things are better for people
the creation of these spaces for cyclists act as a BICYCLE FIELD OF DREAMS
if you build it... they will come

those of us who have always ridden our bicycles are pleased to have some sanctuary from the car ch
then there are those that are enjoying the option of leaving the car behind and using the bike or having an alternate option to taxi cabs and buses
and beyond that

people who are growing into adulthood are growing into a life with an alternate perspective

in a society that is suffering from an obesity epidemic... a recession... and a fuel crisis...
the bicycle and its bike lanes just make sense

it is not a surprise that people are in an uproar
people are adverse to change
and no matter what happens... there are always going to be those that complain
but really

these changes are for the better
not just better for the people on bikes
but for people as a whole

Bike Lane Diary

Bike Lanes Make Me Hornby

I lost momentum... my boys are awake
which means that they are fighting
the late night last night has thrown gasoline on the fire
each of them are a little on edge due to the diminished amount of sleep

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