the bike lane dispute...

it is funny to hear a politician accusing someone of lying...
you know the saying...

"how can you tell when a politician is not telling the truth?"

"their lips are moving!"

it is also interesting to hear a person who has been in office for a number of years to criticize the changes that are happening

so many of the elder statesmen need to step down
the times are changing
and we must realize
it was the action of people who have been in control for so many years that built this world of chaos
the world of car dependency and car chaos

Markowitz (who is anti bike and anti bike lane) claims that Advocacy Groups skewed data

it was Mark Twain who popularized the phrase, "there are three types of lies; lies, damned lies, and statistics!"

it was also Mark Twain who said, "get a bicycle. you will not regret it. if you live"

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