Bike Rental on Marco Island, Florida

back from vacation
going through the images

scrolling through the images as I relive the moment... moments
lots of memories

it was a good week
not the best florida weather I ahve ever experience
while not being miserable
things got pretty good for about half of our visit

it bordered 80 degrees on those days

there was fun in the sun

the family rented bikes when on vacation on Marco Island Florida
a few years back I found a bike at a thrift store and cruised around for under 9 dollars

but for the whole family
rental made sense as it would be unlikely for me to find four fitting bikes on the Marco Used market

the weather was in the 70's
not exactly beach weather

sure... we beached it... we even went in the gulf
but really... it was not pinnacle beach weather for the first few days

so... we did a hike on everglade like terrain

we played 18 holes of putt putt
and we rented bikes

three beach cruisers and a trail-a-bike

Island Bike Shop hooked us up!

out shop experience was 50-50... I was satisfied... but things could have been better

there are so many good things to say

they were generous enough to let us ride the four wheeled pedal machine before we took our bikes
they let the kids ride the three wheelers while I did the paper work

early in the shop experience I felt that there were two very different people to work with
a young guy and and a grumpy old guy
I avoided the grumpy old guy
and sought out the young guy
in our days of interaction my wife and kids each had issue with the grumpy old guy

and well... I had issue with him as well

he was grumpy

other than that...
the experience was grand
the bikes were affordable and available

as said... the kids got to ride the trikes and the four wheeler

and yes... they were cool about the canopy incident

but... they could use some work on their service personality
ambivalence is better than abrasiveness

we will rent from them again


Ted LeVine said...

Thanks for the bike rental suggestion. We'll check this out when staying at www.admiraltyhouserental.com this spring.

Anonymous said...

had some of the setups I've seen those guys ride, I wouldn't be here posting, I'd be out riding ...

gwadzilla said...

24 hours in the day... when at the beach...
there is time for the beach... a bike ride... and even a blog post

but I think this post may have happened after I already flew back to DC after our Florida vacation

Anonymous said...

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gwadzilla said...

weird advertising going on here.

Anonymous said...

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