Bike Share in Chicago and Vermont

reading through some of the headlines in the (electronic) papers around the country and the globe
Bike Share is a topic that is popping up all over the country and all over the world
I have posted links making mention of new Bike Share Programs opening in Miami, Madison, and Boulder
(that list goes on)

in Chicago Rahm Emanuel works to increase the bicycle infrastructure by adding more bike lanes each year and expanding the bike share system
Chicago B Cycle

while in Vermont it seems that they are trying to use the old "yellow bike" concept as their bike share instead of going with one of the
Putney Bike Project
sadly... these less structured systems always seem to fail

maybe the Vermont group should try to see if they could take it to the next level by using one of the more "high tech" and more controlled bike sharing systems
like Alta Bicycle Share
or the previously mentioned B Cycle

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