CyclePassion THE DVD

CYCLEPASSION 2011 Calendar

the makers of the CYCLEPASSION calendar have produced a CYCLEPASSION DVD: Eyes Wide Open

I was lucky enough to receive one of these DVDs for review
the the dvd arrived and I was pleased to see the quality of the packaging...
clean sharp design... nice packaging... beautiful presentation

I have been familiar with the work of the folks at CYCLEPASSION... I had known that they were talented photographers that took artful photographs of beautiful elite woman cyclists
I knew I would enjoy this film for the obvious reasons... but I was not aware how much I would enjoy this film... or to what level... or for what reasons

there is more to the
CYCLEPASSION DVD: Eyes Wide Open than the beautiful women posing in front of the camera
the DVD film is as wonderfully shot as the photographs themselves
but on top of that... the film does something that I did not expect
the film brings great insight into the athletes and the artistic process

this is more than just some beautiful bodies in skimpy clothing dancing in front of the camera... although there is that... plenty of that
this is a documentary... an interesting and inspiring documentary
a film not just about the shooting of the
but a film about 8 woman and what drives them to be the athletes that they are

the CYCLEPASSION film Eyes Wide Open interviews each of the elite cyclists
questions are asked and insight is revealed
the film reminds the viewers that these people are more than just a collection of beautiful woman standing along side their bicycles
these are talented athletes who have devoted their lives in pursuit of their sport

I hate to say it... but that idea is so easily forgotten
it is so easy to get lost in the curves of each of the woman's bodies
it is so easy to forget that these are people who are driven to excel
people who have made sacrifices to become the athletes that they are

I enjoyed this film... I recommend it...
if you are thinking of purchasing the calendar... get the calendar and the DVD
this would be a great gift for that special cycling someone
it is a film that I will enjoy revisiting

purchase the DVD Calendar COMBO here

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