doing more than just sitting around...

it is a tough moment
things are not exactly as they should be
it is hard
it is not like I am just sitting around

although there is a fair amount of just sitting around

getting back on track
working to regain momentum
putting the pieces of the puzzle into place
trying to make good use of my time

taking a few days off the bike
last week
I may have burned the candle at both ends

there were a couple rides on the new road bike in the cold...
some post school treks in the woods with the boys...
a few ice skating sessions outdoors in the cold...
and a few days working in a room colder than most meat lockers

and of course kids
kids are germ couriers

not sure who to blame or whether or no to blame myself...
I got sick... it kicked my ass for the whole week

starting to feel better but still have not beaten this thing

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