ESL... this shot was taken out front of The Eighteenth Street Lounge

ESL... this shot was taken out front of The Eighteenth Street Lounge and the other shot was taken inside the 9:30 Club

tonight I was going to go out

this morning I had a phone conversation with my buddy Rob...
there are times when it is nice to hear someone's voice rather than to just exchange electronic transmissions or email.. facebook... or whatever smart phone technology people are tethered to

we talked... we caught up...
all that talk got me all stoked on the idea of hanging out with Rob and seeing Rob
seeing him and getting to hear him jam with the SEE-I crew
gotta love See-I Wednesdays at The 18th Street Lounge

it is not my Wednesday night routine... it is a rarity... it would be a special occasion...

but alas... in the afternoon... long before night I knew

it was obvious... it was impractical... it would immature...
right now I am fighting a cold
and well...
right now the cold and I are fighting for control of my body
I fear that if I went out and stayed out late
well and all that goes with it... I fear that the scales would tip
the current balance of sickness would loose some strength

thus allowing the sickness to dominate the health

low levels of energy definitely not feeling well enough to get out on the bike

one of those times where off the bike is more important than on the bike

and of course
one of those times where in the bar would not be as prudent a choice as in the bed

wanted to go down and play with the camera
this is a shot of Rob... not sure if it a Thievery or Fort Knox Five show

sunrise sunset

amazing grace

and one more

was it just a raga jam?
I may have to ask next time we talk

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