okay... that may not be an option

or... if you are like me
you like the multi-machine option
I am usually on two machines simultaneously
running some applications my Mac desktop and others on my PC Laptop

periodically you will want to try and clean up your PC...
the Mac... not so much

if you Surf the Net you will want to try and clean stuff up from time to time
there are a number of good free Pop Up and Virus Clean Up Tools
here are a few... please share if you know of anything that are better
I have found that a combination of running these tends to be the best method
some of the tools clean up stuff that the others do not catch

Ad Aware by LAVASOFT

I do not use Ad Aware as much as I used to... but
is worth a try
it is free! and... it they are still updating the Virus Definitions... then it can still be valuable
when this came out... it was a life saver!
since its inception... other great clean up tools have surfaced

SPY BOT Search and Destroy
another great FREEBIE!
Ad Aware and Spy Bot as a team cleaned up many a machine for me!

Malwarebytes: Anti-Malware Software
this is a newer application and maybe a current favorite
do not sell out the others
as mentioned... the different clean up tools may catch different things

now here is a new one... yesterday I caught a few people singing its praises on the Inter-Web...

CCLEANER by Piriform
I have not used this... so I can not really recommend it
I would say... do some research before you try it

be careful...
if your machine is infected you may need to RUN THESE AFTER STARTING YOUR MACHINE IN SAFE MODE
many of the computer infections are wise to the clean up tools... that is why running different applications often helps
sometimes one of the applications catches, isolates, and removes something that then allows you to Update and Run the other clean up tools!

download and install then update each of the applications
if the Virus Definitions are not up-to-date then the application may not be looking for the latest and the ugliest thing attacking your computer!

be careful...
don't just take random advice from some stranger on the Internet on how to fix your machine
check and double check your Tech Tips
when downloading... be sure that the download is what it claims to be
same goes for installing

what are the Mac recommendations for keeping your machine running FAST AND CLEAN?

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Andrei said...

Greetings from Tanzania:

For Mac: ClamXav, iAntiVirus, and Virus Barrier Express. All free. With these three you will also catch PC viruses on your Mac. Although most of them don't do anything to your system, you still don't want to have them around. It's just a matter of time.