a lawyer gives me his card... you never know when you will need the advise of a lawyer

Union Station to the left of me
the US Capitol Building to the right of me
nothing but open road in front of me
well.. maybe not open road... but a space between the parked cars on the right and the cluster of backed up cars to the left of me
leaving a tunnel for passage in front of me

a snap of the camera and a mention of my purpose and my plan
and he brings out his card
I think it is time for me to make another set of business cards!


Ewen said...

LOL Joel! I have to admit it was one of my more memorable commutes home from the courthouse.

Maybe I should have given you more cards to hand out to your blog visitors! Here's the contact info for anyone interested:

Ewen Allison
Capital Area Law Group
8701 Georgia Avenue, Suite 702
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(202) 744-1786

gwadzilla said...


here is the link to MY BIKE LAW in South Carolina


gwadzilla said...

and I guess that should be... ADVICE

Ewen said...

Thanks for the link to mybikelaw.com. I'm reaching out to them.