mixed feelings...

I love the secret rope swing...

my guess is that there are very few people who know about this rope swing other than my family... our short list of friends that we have taken there... and the people that put it there

the rope swing is super cool

when we went to the rope swing last week a tree had been removed
I am not sure how cool that it

this tree was a potential threat\obstacle
but really
you just had to be careful

I am not sure if I fully agree with cutting down that tree
hopefully they balance the scale by planting several saplings
but that is unlikely

in my youth I... and more so in my extended youth I used to to a few rope swings that were entry points into water
there was a rope swing on the canal and another rope swing on the Potomac
these spots were moderately secret... but less secret
the rope swing users would try to tuck the rope so it was not obvious
while the area park police would try to remove the rope swings
that never ending effort to protect us from ourselves

"the man" would frown on the rope swing
"the man" would be angry about the removal of the tree

removing the tree does not help the argument that the rope swing is a benign addition to the woods

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