okay... I did not make any actual resolutions

I will have to admit... I did not make any New Year's Resolutions
the idea is not foreign to me... yet it did not happen

but honestly... I do not need New Year's Eve and start of The New Year to remind me that I would like to be a better person
(a thinner person... a faster cyclist... a better husband and a better father... etc...)
honestly... I try to improve on myself... and not just after exchange of the old calendar for the new

I am not resolving to do this... but I am planning on this...
I am going to take some action to try and make mountain biking legal on the natural surface trails in Rock Creek Park in Washington DC
and something more than just blogging about it!

A letter to The First Lady Michelle Obama on the topic of making mountain biking leagal in Rock Creek Park
some very worthy rants worth reading on this search

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Anonymous said...

Well, I agree on that. It's not only on New Year's eve that a person can start to improve himself into a better person. Nice one!

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