a rebuttal to the effort to ban kids under six in bike trailers

here is a rebuttal to the effort to ban Bike Trailers for kids under six in Oregon

this ban is absurd

I follow the news on Bikes... Bicycles... and Bicycle related sort of stuff
the numbers just are not there
the number of fatalities are there for ATCs and QUAD BIKES
but not with the trailers or trail-a-bike

that is not to say that there are not dangers
but... we all know that there are dangers to being in a car
and those dangers go beyond getting hit by a semi
there is an obesity epidemic that has a long list of negative side effects paired with it

the truth is... there is "A SITUATION OF ASSUMED RISK"
and well... people need to make good decisions
put themselves where they are most safe and well... hope that the Idiots and the Assholes are playing attention when they make their approach in their four wheel killing machines
(okay... that was tough... not fair or accurate... but really... is it the trailer that is dangerous or the driving styles around the trailer)


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