rode down to NGS and bought some tickets

yep... it is that time of year again
time for the Banff Mountain Film Festival to make its annual stop at National Geographic in Washington DC
today I got on the bike and did a spin around town
nothing vigorous... errands really

made a stop at National Geographic
there was a photo seminar there
as well as an amazing display of all sorts of nature and world photography
but... alas...
I did not bring a lock

so... I did a quick lean of the bike where the smokers puff their butts in the bushes
made a mad dash through the hallways to get some tickets
then dashed out
ran into a neighbor's sister inlaw who I had gone family ice skating with just days prior

go figure... small world
only not so small... she works there

either way...
The Banff Mountain Film Festival Tour is on
tickets sell out... if you are local... National Geo is your place... if you are elsewhere... try the Boulder Theater

here is info for Banff at Nat Geo

I got tickets for a few nights
the plan is to go with the family twice and a friend once
it is expensive... but it is inspirational

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