what is emb

what is embarrassing?
falling into the mall fountain
or the interview
the woman was anonymous until the interview

really... I understand to a certain degree that the security video should not go public
but... but... really now
she should get an apology and then get on with her life

Texting Idiot falls into Mall Fountain...

and yes... this is ground breaking news
George... I am surprised you accepted this as a news piece

ROADSIDE MEMORIALS... watch this video... it will help with the discussion

the lesson here...
people get distracted when they text
funny... there is no twist to this interview
the focus is on the person texting being the victim
when really... in most cases the person texting puts others at risk
this was the best thing that could have happened
moments later this woman would be behind the wheel of her car
running over a family with small children
all because of this vital text... her church needs her birthday


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dcdouglas said...

Funny, I yelled at a guy in an SUV this morning on E. Capitol who cut me off while texting behind the wheel. After loudly exclaiming "thanks a lot" I noticed the device in his hand. That's when he got the full yell to "Don't text and drive".

It's FAR to frequent a problem.