wow... a lifetime ago... all of it

this is a project that is over due to happen
I have wanted to print this Washington Post cover page from 1985
the system has changed
there was a time where this was easily ordered

does anyone know the process these days?
should I get this from The Washington Post proper
is there still a library somewhere that has a "micro-fisch" archive of old newspapers?

I know

the world has gone digital

it would be an interesting time capsule
the image of me and some friends sledding

then the news of he day
even if only the headlines could be read
it would still document the moment in time

this was pulled from the GWADILLA PAGE in 2005
an amazing archive
things were so much more TEXT RICH
looks like some great rants

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Sarah Crockett said...

Pretty cool. We used to sled (I first wrote bike) the Cap. grounds. That was it for us except once in NW when I "skied" down in little red snow boots, no idea where. We never left the Hill. Never.