12 Mile High in my Roatation

what are you listening to?

currently I am on Pandora
the station is MOBY
the last song that was played was by Thievery Corporation
Resolution... not Lebanese Blonde

in my car and in Bose radio downstairs I have a copy of Thunderball's 12 Mile High

right now... 12 Mile High is high in my rotation
the sitar in the two opening tracks is nothing short of hypnotic
the whole album track for track exists for your listening pleasure

Thunderball and Thievery Corp are like minds
amazing production with great depth to their albums
every release by either of these artists is about the full album experience
these are not one hit wonders
these are not records based around one pop tune

my recommendation... grab a copy of Thunderball's 12 Mile High
grab a copy or download a copy
how every you get your music... just obtain it in full
then sit back and listen and enjoy

Lebanese Blonde by Thievery Corporation
yes... it was on the Garden State Soundtrack... but it was initially released on an album that is cock full of flavor
I love the video and its tour through DC

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gwadzilla said...

several songs later...

Lebanese Blonde