I love FREECYCLE... but I will admit... I am a sporadic user of this service
often I get rid of stuff by giving it to friends, donating things to local not-for-profits, and of course... I put stuff on top of my trash can in the alley behind my house
but really... FREECYCLE is the way to go!

right now I am in search of a WHEEL BARROW
actually... I only need a wheel barrow tray... which is perfect
as expected I felt as if there would be a wheel barrow out there with a flat front tire or a rusty axle that prevents the wheel from turning
sure enough...
I got two local responses for my wheel barrow request

hopefully I can get one of them this evening!

image from here


an admission...
I made a post on FREECYCLE and a neighborhood list serve
the responses were actually from the neighborhood list serve
which functions the same as FREECYCLE only LOCAL

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

okay... I have yet to pick up my wheel barrow
it sounds promising
that said
the boogie boards also sounded promising

that came up empty!