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12 Mile High
on the ESL

last Friday night I went to the Banff Film Festival at National Geographic with my old friend Rob Myers
after a night of fantastic films we spent a few minutes catching up over at the Tabard Inn
it is always good to catch up with my old friend Rob
in our meetings our conversations cover a great deal of ground
there is all sorts of talk of art and life

somewhere in our ramblings on art and life we also talked about family
somewhere in our exchange about family Rob tells me of his son Pearce's interest in Thomas the tank engine
this information was no surprise to me
my boys we wooden train fanatics as small children
then of course... this summer when at my dad's house in Bethesda this summer past Peace came over with his mom Vida there was an extensive wooden train session after an afternoon in the pool

a drink at the Tabard Inn was more than like a couple
well... a couple may have been a few
when I got home it was later than I had thought
when I woke up I remembered Pearce's interest in Thomas the Tank engine and wooden trails
which had me asking the boys if they were willing to give their old wooden train set to Pearce
the boys agreed
so I called Rob and invited myself over for a play date

so... I loaded the wooden train set into a large cardboard box
then wrapped the box decoratively with some duct tape
even a bow of orange duct tape
then we drove across town for our play date

knowing that Pearce's birthday was coming up I told Pearce it was an early birthday present
then before he opened it I also made mention that this present was not new... but instead something that is used... a toy my boys had played with that they are now giving it to him

shy little Pearce opened the big box
his big eyes did not get any bigger
it was slight... but it was there... a slight expression of delight

we migrated to the other room where I was able to pour out the box
engines... battery operated engines... cars... all sorts of cars... a clear glass car that contains liquid and a shark.... another car that is longer than all the other cars with the head of a Chinese Dragon... all sorts of cars and then track
track... lots of track
serious amounts of track

Pearce already had a pretty decent amount of track
my boys had a little more track than most kids have
which means Pearce has an awesome amount train equipment
there was an already existing track with it own set of logic that was about to be disrupted

all hands on deck
one of the fun parts of being a dad is getting to play with your kids' toys
Rob and I got on the floor right along side of Pearce, Dean, and Grant
we worked independently and we worked together
we worked to connect a shared vision

the boys were playing well with the massive network of wooden track weaving through an imaginary Sodor Island so Rob and I slipped away
there had been many things discussed the night prior that I wanted to revisit
I wanted to see some of Rob's photos and hear some of Rob's music

from the music studio to the home office
there was reinforcemnt of lot of what had been discussed the night prior
photos... photo books... photoshop
music... talk of music and actual music

down in the studio with Rob and my boys we got to hear some music
Rob played some guitar with the boys while Steve Raskin played some mixes he was working on
good stuff in both rooms

the boys migrated back upstairs and returned to their wooden track
Pearce had never stopped playing
which may be an indication of appreciation
while rob and I talked music some more

Rob had shown me some record cover design he had been working on
while giving me a few records that they had recently produced on FORT KNOX FIVE
as well as the latest THUNDERBALL release 12 Mile High

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